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Honest, Reliable Fabricators since 2004

We Build It Better

Liberty Fabricators specialize in conveyor, structural, and specialty fabrication

Liberty Fabricators, Inc. has extensive knowledge and production capabilities for both heavy and light steel fabrication and have the skills and employees needed to service both small and large production runs.

We are equipped with complete design and engineering capabilities and are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and fabrication.

Aluminum Supplier

Liberty specializes in conveyor systems and has over 60 years of collective experience within this industry. Our customers have included; General Motors, Ford, Chrysler Stellantis, and many other automotive, machinery, and equipment manufacturers.

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Image by Shane Cottle

Liberty's state-of-the-art production facility as well as our heavy steel handling capabilities, allow us to fabricate a wide range of structural steel components for different manufacturing facilities, warehouses, commercial contractors, and many more who are in need of construction steel components. 

Liberty can provide a wide range of customized fabricated steel orders. Our innovative steel craftsmen are experts in custom fabrication, from off-the-shelf components to prototypes and repair services.

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Who We Are

Liberty Fabricators, Inc. was founded by three master craftsmen with over 90 years combined experience within the steel fabrication industry. 

Liberty is located at 6401 Taylor Drive in Flint, Michigan, which is conveniently located near all of the key highways in East-Central Michigan.

"WE BUILD IT BETTER!" is the Liberty pledge on every job for every customer.

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